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Advocacy for cycling

Our mission: Not for MAMILs only


“With MAMILs* only, you cannot build a cycling nation”: Cycling MAMILs are great. We are delighted about anyone who cycles. Cycling is not a question of age, gender or clothing though. There are younger and older people, fathers with children on their way to school, well-dressed women on their way to work, girlie girls in pink, ministers and doctors, teenagers on their way to sports training, musicians with double basses on their backs, elderly ladies on their way to the library… They wear lycra, evening dresses, jeans, suits, coats, lederhosen, miniskirts, casual dress or cardigans. They cycle mountain bikes, city bikes, e-bikes, Dutch bikes, cruisers, old folding bikes, fixies…

The ADFC’s mission is clear: to make more people cycle more often and longer distances. We strive to make Germany a cycling nation.

Download the PDF-document to learn what we provide to achieve this goal.

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