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Advocacy for cycling

About us

The “Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club ADFC” (German Cyclist’s Association) is the advocate for cycling in Germany. We work with cities, state and federal governments to improve the conditions for everyday cycling as well as cycling for tourists.


Our mission: Not for MAMILs only

“With MAMILs* only, you cannot build a cycling nation”: Cycling MAMILs are great. We are delighted about anyone who cycles. Cycling is not a question of age, gender or clothing though. There are younger and older people, fathers ...

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VPP Titel

The ADFC Transport Policy Programme: We move the masses

The nationwide transport political work of the ADFC is based on the Transport Policy Programme, which is the foundation to make more people use the bicycle. Download: The ADFC Transport Policy Programme The ADFC Transport Policy ...

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